Bishoujo dating sim

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Bishoujo dating sim

In his philosophical writings, Martin Heidegger extends the “question of Being” to the question of technology.For Heidegger, technology is revelation: “It is as revealing, and not as manufacturing, that techne is a bringing-forth …Those identified as otaku were none other than the boys and men oriented towards “shōjo” consumer culture.This transgression of masculinity and productivity accounts to some extent for the “moral panic” surrounding otaku culture in Japan in the 1990s (Kinsella 1998: 314-316).In Japan, producers and distributors of media are disproportionately centered in Tokyo.A unique ecology has emerged in the last half century.

Personal and portable technology to access media flows is such a pervasive presence in the lives of contemporary Japanese that it is described as “pedestrian” (Ito et al 2005).

The paper concludes with a discussion of Love Plus, a bishōjo game for portable devices, which offers open-ended interactions with a virtual girl.

These interactions are also with the machine, contributing to the formation of “techno-intimacy” (Allison 2006) and opening up possibilities of “becoming” with a technological “companion species” (Haraway 2003).

Under government slogans such as “living together with robots” (robotto tono kyōsei), industry, universities and private groups and individuals are developing service and companion machines and integrating them into everyday life.

Katsuno Hirofumi explains that this is a scene where affective investments and narratives of intimacy are reproduced in mechanical others (Katsuno, forthcoming).

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Keywords: Bishōjo games, dating simulator games, technology, Martin Heidegger, shōjo, Japan, popular culture.

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