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Traffickers prey on an individual’s poverty, runaways, kidnapped children, and individuals from abusive homes.

Also, traffickers rely on a child’s negligent use of the Internet to lure them into their dangerous world; children often do not realize that safety precautions should be used on online because they think it is a safe place to share one’s personal information.

The sheriff said: "Because of the gravity of the offence I have come to the conclusion that the only appropriate way to deal with you is by a custodial sentence.Already a hidden crime due to the difficulty of identifying the traffickers and victims, the advances in internet technology have offered traffickers a new mechanism to escape detection from law enforcement.Internet offers affordability, accessibility, and anonymity –the “Triple-A Engine Effect” (Manning 2006, 133).Ross asked for a rendezvous in Stirling with the girl, who later admitted she was going to meet a man, although she still thought he was 19.Detective Sergeant David Nolan, who works for the computer crime unit with Central Scotland Police, said: "The internet's a wonderful place where children can go onto live webcams across the world, they can speak to friends and relatives on live webcams, but it does have its darker side where paedophiles can groom children.

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Conclusion Bibliography In the year 2014, human trafficking is still prevalent.